Wildflower Hill

To enhance your reading experience, why not visit the Simon & Schuster Reading Group Guide. Here you will find topics and questions for discussion, some interesting advice for expanding your knowledge and appreciation of the novel, and an interview with Kimberley, in which she discusses writing Wildflower Hill.

If you wish to read more about Wildflower Hill, why not visit some of the websites that review and discuss Kimberley’s novel.

16 Responses to Wildflower Hill

  1. sue knight says:

    your books sound excellent so thanks to Ian Irving for the recommendation

  2. Dana says:

    I LOVE Wildflower Hill – more please???

    • hexebart says:


      • Heidi says:

        Hi! Living in Norway- can you please reveal the title of this book? My mother, husband (!) and myself has read your lovely book and want to read more! None of us could put it down and we even think it would be a lovely script for movie :)

      • hexebart says:

        The new book is called Lighthouse Bay and if you can read English, you can order it from Amazon from April. Thanks!

  3. Grace says:

    Wildflower Hill was the best book I’ve read in a LONG time!

  4. shay says:

    ok – I just literally read Windlfower Hill in two days. I’m an avid reader and had been without a good, lazy hot day read for several weeks. I came upon this fantasic tale in Target – of all places. Please take time to fit this book into your reading library. It’s delightful, full of heart ach in the most precious ways. I’m thirsty for more of this story – and am sad I have to come up with an ending with a few characters – but it was amazing still. Thank you Kimberly Freeman (wilkins) for producing such a fun and exotic tale. Loved it.

  5. Janette Baird says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book, captive reading, with excellent story and amazing characters. Best book I have read in a long time, particularly enjoyed the connection with Scotland and Australia. Beattie was wonderful, found Emma not so interesting and a bit tedious at times. Going to read other novels by Kimberley.

  6. Gloria Baxter says:

    I have read both books and I love them both – just wonderful – I now need two sequals – one about life in New York and one about Lucy’s life and how it works out with the whole family in Australia.
    But, that has been left to everyone’s imagination???!!!!!!!!! So why not do it???!!!!

  7. Sue Lemmon says:

    I loved both your both your books, hurry up for the next one

  8. Ayyüce Sezer says:

    Hi, I am writing from Turkey. I just finished reading Wildflower Hill. Was a very good book. Hopefully more income . Thanks :)

  9. janine says:

    Is Wildflower Hill one of a series?

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