On Second Breakfast

second breakfastOver at my publisher’s Facebook page there is a competition running where you can win an advance preview copy of Evergreen Falls by leaving a comment about what you think luxury is. The competition is only open to Australian readers and closes on 23 July, so do hurry.

Reading all the answers has made me consider how I would define luxury. I’m a simple girl at heart, and expensive or fancy objects tend to make me uncomfortable. But my one indulgence, the luxury that I allow myself once a week, is what I like to call second breakfast (which is a term I got from the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings). I have the same breakfast every morning: peanut butter on wholemeal toast with a hot cup of tea, served to me in bed by my lovely partner. I’m usually very busy, so up and about straight after breakfast getting kids ready for school and thinking about all my jobs for the day.

But on Sunday mornings, I go downstairs after breakfast, find an interesting book on my shelf, make myself a pot of tea and a buttery crumpet. I take them back to bed with me and read all morning. I’m something of tea snob, so it has to be tea-leaves properly brewed in a pot. My favourite at the moment is Irish breakfast tea, which is strong and sweet and malty. Diamonds and furs are for other girls; second breakfast is luxury to me.