Where am I?

Hello, world. I do find it difficult to write my books, hold down my job, parent my children, and blog, so today I’m just going to let you know that I have a new book out and where you can get it, and give you this link to my Facebook pagexstars-across-the-ocean-pagespeed-ic-93dws0c-qx where you’ll have an easier time getting news and info out of me.

New book: Stars Across the Ocean. You can purchase it here.

A rich and satisfying story of two women with indomitable spirits and the high costs they have to pay for being strong-minded, from the author of the bestselling LIGHTHOUSE BAY and EMBER ISLAND.

1874: Only days before she is to leave the foundling home where she grew up, Agnes Resolute discovers that, as a baby, she had been abandoned with a small token of her mother: a unicorn button.

Agnes always believed her mother had been too poor to keep her, but after working as a laundress in the home she recognises the button as belonging to Genevieve Breckby, the beautiful and headstrong daughter of a local noble family. Agnes had seen Genevieve once, in the local village, and had never forgotten her.

Despite having no money, Agnes will risk everything in a quest that will take her from the bleak moors of northern England to the harsh streets of London, then on to Paris, Ceylon, and finally Australia. As Agnes follows her mother’s trail, she makes choices that could cost her dearly. But is Genevieve capable of being the mother Agnes hopes she will be?

An enthralling story about love, motherhood and choosing who you belong to in the world by the bestselling author of Lighthouse Bay and Ember Island.

20 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. Hi Kimberely,

    I have enjoyed and loved all your books. Excited to see your new book release. I live in Canada and right now we are only being offered the electonic format. Do you know why this happens. I not only love to read but I love books. Everyone can read a book but not everyone is into reading on a Kindle etc. Very annoying.


    Canadian fan, Joan

    1. Hi, Joan. it’s because books get sold by territory. I’m Australian and my books come out in Australia first. Then, fingers crossed, international publishers make offers on it and it appears in other territories. My US publisher distributes to Canada, so we hope that they will pick it up!

      Either that, or you can order from Booktopia.com.au (but there is a postage cost involved).


  2. Hallo from Greece! I have read three of your books and I plan to read alla books that are translated into greek. I love reading generally but i feel a special connect to the plot and the characters of yor books specifically! I adore this connection of past, present and future and the redemption that is given to the characters of your stories by the lives of their descendants! Your heros love too much and are given totally to whom and what they love! Your heroes love to live in islands and remoted ones specifically as I do also! Your books have kept so good a company to me, during the hard period of my life when my husband suffered from cancer. Your books keep on being a so nice company to me now that he is not with me in this life! Keep on writing, Kimberley, your heroes’ scenery is so far away from mine bur at the same time so nearand so alike!

  3. Hi Kimberley I have just finished reading the first of your books stars across the ocean and I di enjoy it but I am hoping you could clarify some of the story for me as I got a bit confused so I hope you don’t mind first what is the connection between Tories mother and Agnes apart from the letter where did the letter come from and why does her mum mention she thought she saw Emile The time difference was such that she could not have known him and also the ending when Tories mum said [I wonder if its the child [agnes] the one she wrote to tori thinks this is unlikely so by that I am confused I would love to hear from you if you don’t mind and I have now bought ember island as I have found a new author you but I just would like some answers to clear up my confusion [sorry I am a bit like that] you are probably flat out but I will give you my email anyway and fingers crossed you will be able to write to me I really would appreciate it my email dysonjudy@hotmail.com so now I will start on ember island and so glad to find you as a new author keep writing Kind regards Judy Dyson

  4. Just read Stars across the Ocean and love, loved, it. It is my first read of any of your books, but will not be my last. Thank you. M

  5. Hi Kimberley, When will your new book “Stars Across the Ocean be out in the USA? I have read all your other books and I really like them. The book showed up on Kindle so I pre-ordered it but then it was taken off. I can’t order through Booktopia because they don’t ship to the USA. Thank you. Frances

    1. My US publisher hasn’t made an offer on it yet, I’m afraid. I had no idea Booktopia didn’t ship to the US! I wonder if Book Depository could help?

  6. Hello Kimberley

    I am an avid reader and you are my favourite author. When one of your new books come out, I am right there purchasing the new book, pulling an all nighter reading!

    I live in Canada and like the lady in the US, I had a similar problem when I ordered your book through Kobo. I purchased your book, The charge went through my credit card and then refunded as “book was not available”

    I am very disappointed as I was looking forward to your next great read.

    Do you know when Canada will have access to this book?

    1. Hi, Paula.

      This is due to the vagaries of international rights. It won’t be available in Canada until available in the USA, which means the publisher has to buy it from me first. here’s hoping!

  7. Hi Kimberley, I really wanted to get to you and I finally found you. First of all, I can not tell you how influential Wildflower Hill’s book is. I thought of him for days and I cried Bettie while listening to the song Back to Titanic. Now I will start the Lighthouse Bay book and I am very excited. It will be sad and beautiful to adore old feelings. I will return again when finished. I hope you come to Turkey and have the opportunity to meet you. Sincerely..

  8. I have just finished reading Stars Across the Ocean and loved it! I enjoyed reading of mothers, daughters, and strong female characters. I have a four month old daughter and will definitely keep this story for her to read. This is the first of your books that I have read and I will now seek out more of your works. Thank you for bringing this story to us.

  9. Hi Kimberley, I have read the first three of your books. I absolutely loved them. I want more of your books. Please continue to write as you have the power to make me sit down and do nothing but read your books.

  10. You are an amazingly and genuinely talented writer. I have been driving around listening to your audiobook version of “Stars” and it has me enthralled. I am sure it is also the great work of the narrator, however it just feels like it was written from first hand experience. Your style reminds me of Bryce Courtenay whom I also enjoy. I will be hunting around the library looking for your previous books shortly.

    Steve, Sydney AU

  11. New book?? Finally!! So excited! I have read all your books and I love your work! Just I will have to wait for the translated version of it, so it’s easier for me!

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