On guest blogs and giveaways

Last week I gave a shout-out to some of the exceptional friends I have made to celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month. Today, I would like to draw your attention to a guest blog I did for Girlfriendology, dedicated to my friend Mary-Rose.

A picture taken of my book in the Target Book Club section of a store in Ithaca

This has been a huge month with the launch of Wildflower Hill in not only the US and Canada, but Norway too! Instead of just listing some of the fantastic reviews I have seen, I have decided to put together a dedicated page that provides links to the reviews that can be found online. At the top of this page you can also find the link to the Simon & Shuster Reading Group Guide. I should mention that some of these websites, such as Redlady’s Reading Room and A Cozy Reader’s Corner Review, are having giveaways of Wildflower Hill for some lucky readers. But you better hurry, as entries close soon!

And because it was being worked on anyway, there will also be a page that links through to all of my guest blogs, the easy access quick-link page for those who are interested (or indeed, just feeling vaguely curious). The Reviews page can be found under the Novels tab, and the Guest Blog & Online Interviews page can be found under the About Kimberley tab.