On book launches

The Australian edition of Lighthouse Bay has now been launched into the wild (US readers have to wait until April) and is selling well, even making it on to the Neilsen Bookscan bestseller charts. I’ve been so busy with promoting the book, that I’ve not had time to sit here and blog. So here I am.

I had the launch in early September at Annie’s Bookshop in Peregian Beach, on Queensland’s glorious sunshine coast.

Kimberley, saying her thankyous at the Lighthouse Bay launch.
It was a beautiful evening. The sun was setting over the mountains in the west as the blue moon was rising over the water. Annie’s is just across the road from a huge park that backs onto the beach. A warm sea breeze blew, and there was the smell of barbecue and salty ocean on it. I was surrounded by friends and readers and a few curious locals. More than 50 people turned up, so we spilled out onto the footpath to drink wine and eat nibblies. My children were there, being loud and sweet and proud all at once. Old school friends came and afterwards a big group of us went over the road to the local pizza place, and had a long overdue catch-up. It was a beautiful, affirming, unforgettable night.

But now it’s back to the hard work, as I conceptualise and start planning the new book. Watch this space.

6 thoughts on “On book launches

  1. Your description of your book presentation was as delightful as
    your novels! Too bad we Americans have to wait for your new book
    and “Downton Abbey” till 2013.
    It will be a wonderful novel to look forward to in 2013!

  2. i love the story of wildflower hill, actually i finished reading for 12hrs, i didnt stop, i eat on my bed while im reading,because im so excited i cannot wait to finish. usually i’ve finish reading 2 or 3 days but this one was different after i’ve finished reading i was a little disappointed though. the ending, emma give lucy a letter, i said thats all oh no!!. is there any sequel?

  3. Just finished reading your latest book lighthouse bay and I couldn’t put it down like all other books you have wrote. Absolutely loved it. Can not wait for you next one. Thank you

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