On Writing Companions

IMG_3661All writers I know have companion animals.  And if you were to ask writers why this is so important to them, the responses will range from being inspired by the beautiful muse that rocks up when you look your cat or dog in the eyes, or the comfort, and the quiet unconditional love they give as they sleep by your side.

While life as a writer is filled with magic, frustration, and all kinds of wonderful, it can also be a very lonely place.  Often sitting at the keyboard for hours at a time, alone, lost in our worlds of story telling.

Our pets may sit at our feet, or near our side and some even dance across the keyboard just to remind us to have a break, a cuddle or both.  Felines are particularly good at this, and really, they only want to help.  They somehow know when we are getting close to the end of the chapter: truly they aren’t annoying us as much as we think, they are simply showing us, if we stop and pause, even if only to remove said cat from keyboard, the words we might be struggling for in the final sentence suddenly begin to flow.

But besides all our animal companion shenanigans, there is the quiet comfort when we are entrenched in our stories, when we forget to eat, forget to sleep, forget to shower or even get dressed, oh how I love the fetid nightie.  The quiet comfort when we hold our head in our hands and grumble and swear and beat ourselves up for being useless for not finding the words, for not finding the sentence that sings, but despite all that our pets love us just the way we are.

Our animal companions wait patiently, lovingly, and unconditionally.  They forgive our outbursts of rage and frustration even when we ignore them for hours and forget to feed them too!  It’s about now though you can guarantee they will watch your every move with a keen eye, and as soon as we move, their quiet pitter-patter besides us reminds us as writers that we are never, ever really alone.

4 thoughts on “On Writing Companions

  1. 2016 Just discovered Kimberley Freeman,-currently devouring Lighthouse Bay and your name is on my list for the library
    I backpacked around Australia for 6 months March September 2007 staying in Youth Hostels
    I started in Bundaberg and just went from there
    I managed to get as far West as Perth -I went for 1, week and stayed 5
    My late husband collected Opals for me so I Had to visit Coober Pedy and Lightening Ridge the home of Ausrtralian Opals which was why I was surprised to see the reference to ” David’s trips to Lighthouse Bay for
    Opals ”
    I may be totally.wrong -forgive me if I am – but does Opal. Mining happen on the Gold Coast
    Sorry to be so picky !
    Will now go back to Lighthouse Bay to finish the story !
    Will look out for your books here in the UK under both your name
    PATRICIA Hayes

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